What Does it Mean to be Green?

Being green can mean something different to everyone. At the modest end of the scale (which is probably where most people fall), being green may just be recycling every week. At the extreme end of the scale, we’re talking about vegans living in grass huts with no electricity or running water. I’d like to think that I fall somewhere in between. Right now, I’m closer to the modest end of the scale, striving to move more and more to the left – but not quite to the grass hut.

I believe that being green is more than just buying organic and recycling your newspaper. It also includes physical fitness and a positive outlook. As I strive to reduce my carbon footprint, I also need to focus internally. Improve my fitness levels and attitude. I need to shed my stress or in my case, perceived stress (I’m a worrier!)

I think that my husband and I have already made good green choices in our lives, but there is always room for improvement.


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