Another Chicken Dead

On Saturday, Steve mentioned to me that he wanted to give Gavin some chicken for dinner one night. By the time we got to the grocery store on Sunday, I was hoping that he would forget. I was wrong. As a vegetarian, technically a pescetarian since I eat fish, eggs, and other dairy products, I have always said that Gavin will eat meat. He will be able to make his own choice as to whether he wants to lead a vegetarian lifestyle. All that being said, I do most of the grocery shopping and cooking, and I don’t buy meat ever. When Steve cooks, he always prepares a meal that I can eat too, which means no meat. So, somewhere deep down, I wondered how Gavin would ever eat meat if there wasn’t any in our home.

As we were picking out some baby food for Gavin, the subject of chicken came up again. I showed Steve how gross the jarred baby meat looked, and he agreed that we weren’t going to feed him that stuff. We spent time with friends the night before who also have a baby. Unfortunately, Steve saw how they fed him ground up chicken. I think that really solidified the idea in him. He knew that we could cook up some chicken and grind it up ourselves. So, off we went to the meat aisle. Steve’s onboard with the organic lifestyle, so there wasn’t any argument there on whether to spend the extra money on organic chicken. I was hoping to find organic, free-range chicken. I would have felt better about the situation then.

My real problem is that I saw a chicken truck once. It was on the Schuylkill Expressway and traffic was stopped (big surprise). I remember looking at the back of that truck and thinking, wow – look at all those dead chickens. They were in these little metal boxes, all squished up. They couldn’t move around or even lift their heads because the boxes were so small. Then I noticed a wing moving. It was sticking out the side of that box and moving around. I realized then that those chickens were alive and smashed into these tiny boxes like they were fruit being transported. That day, I became a vegetarian. I still think of it and feel a little queasy. Those poor chickens. I don’t care if chickens are dumb, dirty or even mean animals. They are still animals.

Our grocery store doesn’t sell any free-range meat, so we ended up buying just organic chicken. It’s sitting in our fridge waiting to be cooked up tonight. Secretly, I hope that Gavin doesn’t like it, and that will be the end of meat of a while. Since Gavin likes everything, I think that meat will soon be on the menu. 😦


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  1. Quick update – Gavin loved the chicken. I’m not surprised since that baby loves to eat. I guess I’ll continue being the only vegetarian in our house. Anybody know of a good place to buy organic, local, meat outside of Philly?


  2. Posted by lennonzgal on March 10, 2010 at 10:56 pm

    Wegman’s seemed to have some free-range organic options, though I can’t speak to how local they are. The other option is to go to to find a farm near you that raises chickens in a manner with which you’re comfortable (I think we’re going to join a CSA that does chickens)


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