Spring has Sprung!

At least, I hope it has. With temps in the 50s and 60s since Sat, daylight savings this weekend, and all of the snow melted, how can I help but have Spring fever? I’ve had lots of fresh air every day since last Saturday. We’ve been out walking every day. We are in the 2nd week of March, and warmer weather and longer days are right on our doorstep. Even the upcoming rainy weekend can’t dampen my spirits. All I can think about is our vegetable garden. It has been dormant since September, and in a month, it will have new life in it.

Last year was the first year we planted a vegetable garden. It was late May, and I was enormously pregnant. I was bound and determined to get a vegetable garden planted before I had the baby. Starting a vegetable garden is not such an easy task. First, you need to dig up the grass and till the soil before anything gets planted. My huge belly limited me from the heavy lifting. I remember it being hot, and poor Steve was stuck with the digging and tilling tasks. He was so frustrated with me for wanting to have it done right then. He dug up the grass and was lucky enough to borrow a tiller from our nice neighbor. After lots of sweat and complaining, we had a nice rectangle of soft dirt just waiting for seeds and plants.

We planted herbs, corn, tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, beets, pumpkins and watermelons. We planted too much for that small rectangle, and the result was a wild mess of fruits and vegetables. We had a lot of rain last summer, and everything grew like it was on steroids. It was an adventure just trying to navigate the garden. Every day, we would walk over and inspect our garden looking for new growth. I remember being so proud of our garden. Not every plant produced. The few peppers we got were pilfered by the deer before they were ripe enough to eat. They grew too close to the fence, and we never saw a watermelon. Other than that, we reaped the fruits of our labors all summer long. Even the dead, dried corn husks became an Autumn decoration around our lamppost. Everything was delicious, even the tomatoes. I’m not a lover of tomatoes, but a freshly grown tomato from your own garden just tastes better. We drank water with mint all summer and made batches and batches of guacamole using up every leaf of cilantro. I can already taste those crisp cucumbers.

We already have plans for expansion this year. We need more space so that we can plant even more vegetables. I want to add more lettuce and plant some yellow squash this time, maybe even some eggplant. My mouth is already watering at fresh vegetables. Hopefully, this year will be just as rewarding as last year.


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  1. Posted by lennonzgal on March 10, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Ohhh … I might be calling you sometime soon then! I’ve been hoping to grow my own little garden this year, which I know will be a lot of work, but like you, I would like Liam to have some fresh fruits and veggies. They really do just taste better.


    • Liam will love watching things that he “helped” plant grow. I have 3 tips for you:

      1. Plant your garden some place where it is easy to water. If we have a dry summer, you’ll need to water every day. Ours is off the side of our deck. Someone told me that if you plant your garden near the house, it will deter the deer – that’s not true. Fortunately, we have a hose on our deck, so we could water the garden right from our deck.
      2. Follow the directions on plant spacings. We didn’t, and we definitely should have.
      3. Put up a fence and put the tall items (like tomatoes) in the middle of the garden. Rabbits and deer will wreak havoc on your garden. Deer don’t like tomatoes but for some reason they don’t remember that when they see a new tomato within reach. We used to find chewed on tomatoes on the ground outside the fence. We used wood steaks and chicken fencing. Steve put up the fence in less than an hour and it was the best thing we could have done.

      It’s not the easiest thing to start, but once it is planted, a garden is really easier to take care of. Good luck!


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