To Live is to … Jog?

I would love to substitute the word run for jog, but the pace that I run at doesn’t warrant labeling myself a runner. Jogger is definitely more accurate. Regardless, after 3 inches of rain in less than 48 hours, I jogged a nice 4 miles today. I am immensely proud of myself. 🙂

I love to exercise but frequently, lack the motivation. I tend to exercise in spurts. Some weeks, I’ll be very motivated. Other weeks, not so much. Once the day is over, the baby is in bed, the dishes are washed, everything is packed up for the next day, I have about an hour to myself. How do I choose to spend the hour depends on the day. I’ll read, bake, sew, exercise, but most frequently, I flop my tired bum on the couch with my hubby and catch up on missed tv. I may toss a few or 20 balls for my Rusty to chase, but mostly, I relax with Steve and veg out for an hour.

The best part is that I never feel guilty. I could come up with many excuses for why I’m not exercising – it’s too cold, it’s too dark, I’m tired. I know exercising regularly is necessary for healthy lifestyle but so is spending time with the people that you love. If I choose working out instead of being with Steve or my son, I miss out on good quality family time. The best exercise is what we do together. We love going for walks. All of us, including our Rusty. I would rather go for a walk with my family on sunny afternoon then slap on my running sneakers burning enough calories to eat a couple extra cookies.

So, imagine my pride when after 2 weeks without a jog, I got a little exercise today. By the way, I just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and thanks to my run, I ate 4 instead of 2.


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