Overdosing on Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that we get through exposure to UV rays, sunlight. It is necessary to keep our bones strong. Without Vitamin D, our bones will get weak and brittle. You can absorb Vitamin D though fortified foods, particularly milk, but that’s not necessary on a sunny day. While it’s important to protect your skin with sunscreen, you only need a ½ hour of sun exposure without sunscreen twice a week to get your needed Vitamin D intake. Try drinking your morning cup of coffee out on the deck. Buy an Adirondack chair, plop it in your yard, and close your eyes for a ½ hour. Throw your Frisbee for your dog. Read a book outside. These are all easy ways to get some Vitamin D the natural way.

We had a glorious 4 days of Spring weather. Fortunately, all 4 days were on my days off. I took advantage of every single one of them. Thursday, I went to the zoo. Friday, I did my weekly walk with my friend at Valley Forge park. Saturday was a walk with Steve and lots of time in the yard playing with Rusty. I knew that it was back to work on Monday, so Sunday was a run, a walk with the family and then a second walk with a friend. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! I actually closed the day Sunday with a slight sunburn and totally exhausted. Why is it that fresh air and sunshine tires you out so much?

I woke up to an overcast sky and rain this morning. The rain still can’t dampen my spirits. My daffodils are blooming. My hyacinths are poking up through the soil. And the new weeping cherry tree that we planted in November that survived 3 ft of snow, torrential rain, 50 mph wind gusts, and hungry deer has blooms on it. The rain will just help everything to grow more.

The one thing that we didn’t do this weekend was yard work. All of my neighbors were out working on their yards. They picked up the broken branches, cleaned out flower beds, fertilized their lawns, some even trimmed the grass over the sidewalks. Not us. We were lazy in that department. We still have some more time before we need to get started on that work. We used the beautiful weather to do whatever we wanted. Soon enough, it will be time to share our weekends with lawn care.

While we still have some cool days ahead, Spring is here. Turn off the tv and get outside. Start stocking up on that Vitamin D.


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