The Sun Can Give You More Than a Suntan

I was considering titling this entry as “Green With Envy.” I spent Saturday afternoon with some friends, and my one friend shared with us that her and her husband had decided to go solar. They were taking advantage of the 2010 federal tax credits and getting solar panels installed on their roof. Jealousy roared its evil head immediately. Steve and I have been talking about going solar since we bought our house. We haven’t pursued anything because our roof is now 18 years old. We had decided to wait on the solar until after we got a new roof. My envy is for multiple reasons. Our energy bill would be cut in half using solar energy and more than that come summertime with the a/c running. Solar energy is a fantastic way to go green. Many solar-powered homes consistently produce more energy than needed. That extra energy goes back to the power company to help offset other people’s energy consumption. Finally, Peco, my energy company, has recently announced that any contributed energy by consumers will garner a credit to their account. Not only are you saving money, you’re making money!

I asked a few more questions to my friend, specifically, how much they were actually paying to get this new energy system installed. I won’t talk specific numbers, but I was stunned. That federal tax credit had reduced the cost much more than I had anticipated. Steve and I discussed it on many occasions this weekend and finally came to the conclusion that it is probably cheaper to have the solar panels removed and then reinstalled to have the new roof put on then to lose out on the tax credit opportunity. Or we can just get the new roof early. I’m just waiting to get the name of the company that my friend is using, and then I will get my own estimate. I am beyond excited. Stay tuned.


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  1. Posted by lennonzgal on April 13, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    Let me know the name of the company when you get it … we’re also seriously considering going solar because of the credits.


  2. […] is all about cost efficiency when it comes to electricity usage, especially since we have gone solar.  We don’t generate electricity to waste it, so believes in energy-efficient lighting.  Our […]


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