Cleaning the Floors with Vinegar?!

Last week, I used up the last of my Murphy’s Wood Oil for cleaning my hardwood floors.  This week, I had to start using a natural cleaning product.  I was nervous about this change.  I have been using Murphy’s Wood Oil for a long time – all 3 years in this house and for 4 years in my townhouse.  It was a trusted product.  I admit that I’ve always been concerned because it isn’t a natural product. Rusty stays away while I’m doing the mopping, but once I’m done, he likes to come in and check out what is going on.  The floors aren’t dry yet, so he is walking on this product, carrying remnants on his paws on to the carpet and furniture only then to  lick them clean.  I am always afraid that I am slowly poisoning him with floor cleaner.  Also, I am cleaning the floors barefoot and inevitably step on the wet floors.  I feel like I need to clean my feet before I start walking on the carpets.  Maybe this change would be good.

I turned to my trusted cleaning source Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook (Thanks to Kim, a new reader of my blog, for buying such a perfect shower gift for my bridal shower!). Just a note that this book tells you the best way to clean everything in your house and many of her cleaning solutions are with natural products.  As I’m reading the section on cleaning wood floors, two items jump out at me.  I shouldn’t use oil soap on my floors because it leaves a residue that traps dust.  What?!  All these years and I’m  making my dust on the hardwoods situation even worse. Ugh.  The  second thing is that I am supposed to use vinegar and water to clean them instead.  I hate the smell of vinegar and am worried that this cleaning solution will make my entire house smell like vinegar.  I follow the instructions anyway – 1/4 cup of vinegar to 1 quart of lukewarm water and off I go.

Guess what. My floors are clean.   My house didn’t smell like vinegar, and I didn’t worry about my dog walking on my still damp floors.   Vinegar and baking soda can pretty much clean anything in your  house.  Not only am I eliminating toxic chemicals from the air and surfaces in my house.  I’m also saving money.  Both of these products are inexpensive. 

That last cleaning product that is still in use in my household is windex.  Will I ever switch that?  Let’s wait and see.


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  1. Posted by Melissa on April 25, 2010 at 10:44 pm

    I believe everyone should read your blogs religiously. You have some great ideas and discoveries. I read everyday for ideas, tips and recipes.


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