No More Bottled Water – Wouldn’t That Be Nice?

This article caught my eye on this morning. A town in Massachusetts is banning the sale of bottled water starting in 2011. This town’s motives are purely environmental. The hope is to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles that fill our landfills and the amount of oil used to manufacture those bottles. This article cites a statistic of 17 million barrels of oil needed to produce plastic water bottles. That number is just for water bottles. Think about how much more is needed for producing soda bottles, Gatorade bottles, juice bottles, etc. Next time you’re at the pump complaining about gas prices, I hope that you don’t turn around a take a sip of water from a plastic water bottle.


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  1. Posted by Laura Durkin on May 17, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    We always try and use our Sigg bottles, L.L. Bean has good ones. It’s amazing what other products use oil. Just to name a few; plastic bags, dish soap, and candles contain petroleum. That’s why I switched to reusuable bags, Seventh Generation dishsoap (other dishsoaps contains petroleum) and soy candles. These products are only a few; it’s always good to be educated and proactive!


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