Creeping Charlie Isn’t Hanging Out in the Front Yard Anymore

Recently, I wrote about my desire to get rid of a nasty broadleaf weed called Creeping Charlie. It has been on its way to taking over our front yard and back yard the past 2 years, and we have launched an all out offensive on its destruction. That might be a little melodramatic. Despite our green ambitions, we did spread weed killer on our lawn this year. I still feel guilty about the choice to use chemicals on our lawn instead of organic options, but from my research, organic options don’t exist for getting rid of this invasive weed. The only “natural” option that I read about was Borax, which is used in the laundry. Borax is a natural occurring mineral and will change the pH of your yard. Creeping Charlie grows better in a more acidic soil than grass. If you raise the pH of your lawn, you may successfully kill the weed. Of course, if you raise the pH too much, you’ll also kill your grass. The boron found in Borax will always stay in your soil, so effectively, you’re altering the entire composition of your soil. Borax is considered ”not acutely toxic”. That doesn’t mean that you can let your dog eat it and he’ll be fine. All that being said, I don’t see how using Borax is any better than a chemical treatment.

I really wanted to comment on the progress of our offensive, not go on a tangent about Borax. We haven’t seen much improvement in our back yard, but there is very little Creeping Charlie in our front yard. My husband did apply weed killer last Fall in the front yard (he never got around to the backyard). So, it seems the research that I did that said that most effective time to apply the weed killer is in the Fall is accurate. We’ll definitely wait and apply the weed killer this Fall. I’m optimistic about the results for next year.

There is a yard in my neighborhood that is perfect. It has no weeds. It is thick. The grass is dark green. Every time we walk by this house, I admire this lawn. The other day, I was out running and the homeowners were outside, so I asked what they do to keep their lawn looking so nice. I have always assumed that they pay big bucks for a professional lawn care company to come out and spray their lawn a couple of times a year. It turns out, I was wrong. He applies fertilizer 4 times a year – that’s it. He said up until a few years ago, he would put down grass seed too. Now he doesn’t need it. I guess it’s true. The easiest way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to have a thick healthy lawn. By the way, there are plenty of organic fertilizers out there.


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