ADHD and Strawberries?

Just read this on CNN.  Pesticides are now linked to ADHD.  This finding completely makes sense to me.  The ingestion of chemicals into developing brains have to have some type of negative effect.  If you saw your child smoking a cigarette, you would rip it out of his mouth.  Cigarettes are filled with toxic chemicals and that addictive nicotine.  You can’t see those pesticides, so instead of knocking that strawberry out of his hand before he eats it, you applaud him for eating healthy.  All the while, that strawberry is filled with toxic chemicals too.  Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  Be educated and help your children to be as healthy as possible.  Buy organic when possible, or at the very least, buy local.  Keep the Dirty Dozen list handy when you’re grocery shopping and make smart, healthy choices.


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