Tony “P90X” Horton – Do I Love Him or Hate Him?

I’m on day 3 of the P90X workout. Only 87 more days to go. Ugh. For those of you who aren’t familiar with P90X, it is an intense workout regime created by Tony Horton that can be done at home with few pieces of equipment. When I say intense, I mean intense. My husband started the program a few weeks ago, and I’ve joined him in his daily workouts exactly 3 days ago. This workout program consists of workouts that range from 60 -90 minutes and are executed 6 days a week. That’s right – 1 day of rest. Day 1 was chest, back and abs. Day 2 was plyometrics. Day 3 was shoulders, arms and abs.

Needless to say that by now, my entire body hurts. Every time I stretch my arms, my chest and back scream. I can barely raise my arms.  Getting up from a seated position causes my legs to tremble and my hips to groan. Let’s not even talk about going up and down the stairs. The worst pain is without question my abs. The pain isn’t just a twinge here and there. Stretching my back causes a ripping pain deep and the entire length of my abdominal wall. Last night, I got into bed and wanted to roll over to my other side, but my body was too physically tired and sore to move. I just fell asleep in the position that I was in. I think that the motivation to keep going is to make all this pain worthwhile. I can’t imagine enduring this agony only to quit , decide to start again later and go through it all again.

I share all of this torture with you not to discourage you from trying the workout or to illicit pity. I’m sharing it to brag. I’m proud of myself for surviving these workouts and still wanting more. It’s a huge time commitment, and I’m worried that the need for a good night’s sleep might trump the desire to stick with the program.  Fortunately, my husband is committed and there is nothing more motivating than having someone else work out with you. I think Tony Horton would be satisfied with me when I say that I will do my best.  I did take a before picture of me that I might be willing to share on day 91, if I make it to then.

Tonight is a 90 minute yoga workout that my husband tells me is grueling. I don’t even want to think about how I will feel tomorrow.

What crazy workouts have you tried?

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