The Vegan Experiment: Day 4

Day 4

Breakfast:  Steel-cut oatmeal with a ½ sliced banana and walnuts
Lunch:  Toast with peanut butter, soy yogurt
Snack:  Apple
Dinner: Pasta with mushroom marinara sauce, Italian bread with vegan butter

I’ve cheated on my vegan diet – twice!  As I was eating my soy yogurt today, I started looking in closer detail at all the fine print on the side of the container.  It is pretty easy to read the ingredient list quickly when decided on purchases at the grocery store, but I noticed a statement below the ingredient list that has me either angry at myself for not being more observant or angry at Stonyfield for false advertising.  Here is the troublesome phrase:  “CONTAINS SOY AND MILK (OUR LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES ARE MILK BASED”.

Soy yogurt is not vegan.  I actually went to Stonyfield’s website and found an explanation for this labeling.  I’ve copied and pasted for everyone.  For more information, check out their <a href=””>website</a>.

“Since July 2008, the messages printed on our O’Soy cups have included the following allergen statement: “CONTAINS SOY AND MILK (OUR LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES ARE MILK BASED).” We’d like to explain what this means. While we don’t add any milk to O’Soy, the reason for the “CONTAINS…MILK” statement is that the cultures we use in O’Soy are grown in milk by our culture supplier. The overall milk content of O’Soy is extremely low, and it’s in the form of milk protein. For people highly allergic to dairy, we don’t recommend O’Soy. If you have questions about eating O’Soy, please consult your physician. We can still assure you that O’Soy is lactose free and that those who are only lactose intolerant, and not allergic to milk, can safely enjoy O’Soy.”

I mistakenly assumed that soy yogurt was a vegan substitute for real yogurt.  This discovery has more thinking about some of my other food choices.  I’m going to have be more thoughtful about what I decide to eat and purchase.

At the end of the day, I’m not overly disappointed that soy yogurt is off the menu.  While it isn’t bad, it is definitely not a worthy replacement for the smooth, creamy, slight tang of real yogurt.


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  1. Your only snack was an apple? I’m so impressed with your discipline!


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