30 Days Later: Am I Still a Vegan?

Aside from my cheating on day 30, I think that I was pretty successful on the vegan diet. I felt great on the diet, tried new foods and made a positive impact on the environment. With all those positive results, you would think that I have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle. The answer is no. I am not a vegan.

Don’t be too disappointed yet. It has actually been 3 months since this experiment, and I have had time to see how my experience with veganism has changed me. I have made some significant changes in my diet because of this experience, and I try to lean more towards vegan food choices. I’ve acquired a fantastic vegan cookbook called Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero and have made some delicious new foods. I often try to eat vegan at least for breakfast and lunch. I very rarely eat cheese on my tacos, pasta or in my sandwiches. I’ve mastered cooking tofu! This accomplishment is huge for me and look for a future blog posting for a tofu and cashew stir-fry. Another significant change is the amount of whole grains that I eat now. I only buy whole grain pasta and whole grain or whole wheat bread. I consciously make meals with whole grains as the key component. I no longer cook with white rice. It’s brown rice all the way.

Why and how am I not a vegan? I missed cow’s milk –a lot. I thought that I would miss yogurt more but not as much as actual milk. Now, I will drink a glass of milk when I feel like it and use it my cereal. Truthfully, this reversion back to my old diet makes me happy. Cow’s milk is healthy for you, and I buy my milk from a local dairy farm where we frequently visit the cows. They are not ill-treated and like to come to the window and moo at us. Eggs are another forbidden food in veganism. I rarely eat eggs plain, but I do cook with them. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I enjoy baked goods which require eggs. I also occasionally use eggs in main dishes when the recipes call for them. Every once in while I eat some old-fashioned French toast. Seafood is back on the menu in my house. We probably eat seafood twice a month, but I really enjoy it. I eat shrimp, crab, salmon or haddock. I like the taste of seafood and again, it is healthy food. I don’t over-indulge because I understand the impact of commercial fishing on the fragile ocean ecosystems. And finally, there is honey. When I first discovered that honey is considered a non-vegan food, I laughed at what I thought was a ridiculous notion. When I did more research on honey farming (or is it bee farming), I realized that there are valid reasons to avoid honey. I am more aware of what food products I buy have honey in them, but that hasn’t affected my food choices.

At the end of the day, I am not a vegan – most days, but I am more educated and make more informed food choices. Overall, I am healthier than ever before and enjoyed my 30 days as a vegan. I’ve walked away with valuable information, and who knows, maybe veganism is in my future.


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  1. after cow’s milk, what did you miss the most?


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