Your Body Wants to Be Challenged

The other week I was reading Whole Living magazine, and there was a 1 page article on how to walk or run faster. In a nutshell, it explained how to do a speed workout. Interval training isn’t anything new, but it can be effective to improve running times. I’ve never been much of a speed workout person. When I’ve been consistent in my running, I do try to do a speed workout once a week, which in reality results to about once a month. I run for fitness not to win any races, so I haven’t seen much use for speed workouts. However, something in this article has been swirling around in my brain ever since I read it:

“Your body wants to be challenged.”

I have never thought about that. Our bodies want to be challenged. I thought that our bodies liked to sit on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother while eating Nutella on animal crackers (yes, this is the most amazing combination!). When you really stop to think about this idea, it does make sense. You’ve heard about people working out for few months only to hit a plateau in weight loss. That’s because our bodies are adaptable. They adapt to fitness routines. They adapt to diets. You need to change your workouts to surge past this plateau. Essentially, you need to challenge your body.

I can’t get this idea out of my head. So, this morning, despite snoozing for 15 minutes, after my alarm went off, I rolled out of bed, strapped on my running shoes and challenged my body with a speed workout. Instead of thinking about improving my pace, I was thinking about challenging my body, which is what also went through my mind as I ran up a ½ mile incline.

I was going to take a picture of myself smiling, but I was working some pretty scary bed head. Here are my feet ready to go.

Not only was it a beautiful cool morning (temp around 62), I was greeted with a glorious morning sky.  One of the benefits of early morning runs are seeing the sunrise.  Now if only I had a video of me bobbling my iPhone and my leap of trying to catch it before it hit the ground only a few short inches from a storm drain while ripping my headphones out of my ears, I could have given everyone a nice chuckle.


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