Receipts Are Dangerous to Our Health

When I wrote about the dangers of BPA last week, I was negligent to talk about less obvious exposure to the chemical.  Everyone knows about water bottles and baby bottles, but even more dangerous exposure to BPA comes from receipts. 

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The EWG did a study on receipts from various popular stores.  40% of them had BPA on them.  The BPA is coated on the receipt paper and reacts with dye to print the black text on your receipt.  What is really concerning is that when you handle the receipt paper, BPA is absorbed through your skin and if you touch your mouth without cleaning your hands the BPA becomes ingested.  To scare you further, the paper that tested positive for BPA had levels 250-1000 times greater than water bottles.  

Think about all the times that you’ve been out for a quick lunch or dinner, and you were handed your receipt before you got your food.  How many times did you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you started eating?  Has you kid ever grabbed your receipt out of your hand while walking out of a store?  Do you work in retail or a grocery store and hand a receipt to a customer with every transaction?

In 2010 when this study’s results were released, BPA was found in samples from Chevron, McDonalds, CVS, KFC, Whole Foods, Safeway, the U.S. Postal Service, and Walmart.   That’s just from the businesses that were sampled. 

The takeaway:

1.  Don’t take a receipt when you don’t need one.
2.  Don’t let your child handle receipts.
3.  Wash or sanitize your hands before you eat (which you should do anyway) after handling a receipt.
4.  If you work in retail, look for a new job.


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