A Little Lead in Your Lipstick

The FDA examined 400 lipsticks to determine their lead content.  The average content was 1.11 ppm (parts per million) with a range of <026 ppm – 7.19 ppm.  To give some perspective, the FDA’s limit for lead found in candy (why is there lead in candy?!) is .1 ppm, and California states that 5 ppm is the maximum safe limit for lead in personal care products.  Products in lipstick are absorbed through the skin and ingested every time you lick your lips.  We may be talking miniscule numbers, but if you’re using a high lead content lipstick, consider how often you reapply throughout the day or how many times you may lick your lips.  Maybe you should find out how much lead is in your lipstick.  While organic may not be in your budget, you can at least use the results from this study to make healthier lipstick choices.


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