Johnson’s Baby Wash is Toxic for your Baby

The frugal consumer that I am attempts to buy non-perishable items in bulk as much as possible. We are Costco members, and until recently, I have bought my baby wash at Costco. Costco used to sell Aveeno Baby Wash and recently switched to Johnson’s Baby Wash. We decided to give it a try. What an awful mistake that has been!

We’ve been using the product for about a month, and it just clicked that recent skin issues with both of my kids can be linked to the product. Both Gavin and Skylar have keratosis pilaris, which is a very common, no-big-deal, skin condition. We moisturize their skin and ignore it. I’ve noticed that it has gotten really bad with Skylar in the last few weeks and have been a little surprised because it usually improves when the weather gets warmer. Then I noticed that Gavin developed a big patch of dry skin on his side. Next, Skylar has developed a rash on her chest and knees. At her well-check last week, I asked my dr about it. The first thing that he asked me is if I used Johnson’s Baby Wash.

When I said yes, he wasn’t surprised. He said that it is the worst product you can use on your little ones. He has seen more skin issues with that baby wash than anything else on the market over the years. The rash is the result of severe dry skin from the baby wash, same with Gavin. I immediately went out and bought our old trusted Aveeno Baby Wash and will not use any J&J product on them ever again.

Even more disturbing is that some of J&J’s baby products, including the Baby Wash “contains the formaldehyde-releasing preservative quaternium-15, as well as the chemical byproduct 1,4-dioxane. Formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane are known carcinogens.” Apparently, this information isn’t new, and J&J has gone as far as to phase it out of their products in some countries. Guess what. The US isn’t one of them. To get the non-toxic product, you need to but the J&J Natural Baby Wash. J&J’s response to this study’s results is a commitment to phase out these chemicals in the next 2 years. That’s a long time to wait for non-toxic soap.

Am I relieved that Gavin and Skylar’s sensitive skin have flared up in these rashes? Yes! If not, we would still be using carcinogenic soap on them. Stay away from J&J’s baby care products. Despite their fancy slogans and cute baby pictures, J&J is NOT committed to what is best for our children.


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  1. Posted by Ashley on May 16, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    You realize Aveeno is manufactured by J&J, right? Its right there on the bottle. I didn’t realize this until I’d bought a huge bottle, but there it is.

    I have KP, and so do my two girls, really bad on our shoulders, legs, and arms, and honestly, I’ve never once gotten good advice from a regular doctor, let alone a pediatrician about what causes it or how to treat it. (*Oh, that’s eczema!*…No it isn’t!) The best advice I’ve gotten was from a doctor named Christine Glavey who specializes in dermatology. She’s amazing. She says basically any kind of soap, including the really fancy organic Dr. Bronner’s I shelled out for, will have a negative effect on KP. Its the cycle of shedding cells, clogging pores, and sweating and soap causes more shedding. I’ve also stopped wearing anything that isn’t 100% cotton. Cetaphil cleanser and Eucerin Calming Creme on my arms, cheeks, and shoulders has made a world of difference, and my girls are responding well, too. Maybe try that if you decide against the Aveeno. Good luck!


    • Thank you for the information! I did know that Aveeno was made by J&J, but it’s interesting that they are branded differently. Aveeno products are listed on their own website and not on J&J’s site.

      My son saw a dermatologist who recommended moisturing with Eucerin Plus. Neither of my kids are bothered by the keratosis so beyond moisturizing and using mild soap, I haven’t made much of an effort to do much about it. My son’s keratosis clears up really well during warmer months. We’ll see what happens with my daughter. She seems to have it worse, or the J&J baby wash made it worse. I’m trying to giving it some time to clear up a little bit. I may switch to Cetaphil if it doesn’t show any sign of improvement. Thanks again for the tips.


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