My name is Amy.  I’m 35 years old.  I want to live forever.  Ok, not exactly forever, but I do want to live a long life. I want to grow old.  I have no shame in sharing that truth.   I want to know my grandchildren and maybe even my great-grandchildren.  I want to enjoy a long retirement.  I want to spend every dime in my 401K.  I don’t want to live my last 10 years disabled and mentally degraded.  I want my life to be long and healthy.

But wait, there’s more….

I had my first baby in June 2009 and had my second in January 2011.  Since then, my quest for clean living has grown exponentially.   Now, I’m not only trying to live a clean life for myself but also for my children.  I want to set a good example to them on how to live life without nasty food preservatives and chemicals.  I want them to learn the importance of recycling and make it a natural part of life.  I want them to think about their food purchases and avoid the ones that generate more trash unnecessarily – can we say bottled water!  I’ll save that rant for a future posting.  I want them to see exercise as a normal part of life.  I want them to make healthy food choices because it’s their instincts not a challenge.  This blog is meant to chronicle my adventures.  Join me as I try to live the cleanest and greenest life possible. 

Now, let’s just hope that I don’t grow old too quickly….


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  1. Hi, Amy! Thanks for subscribing to my blog. It looks like LivingtheGreenLife will be a valuable resource for me. So many questions about living clean, so we can protect the precious resources around Smallpeace. Best.


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